About Me

Hello and welcome to my webpage!  My name is Christine Milleker, I’m a Maryland based photographer with several years of being a photographer.  I’ve been writing my blog for a couple years, although not as regular about it as I would like.  I  practice all sorts of photography, but have found that I really like working with children.  Some people may find me at my day job at Children’s National Medical Center, where I’m a nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  I also love doing nature photography, but when heading out it is impossible to know exactly what the day will bring when dealing with wild life.  I LOVE going to new places and taking photographs while there, too.  I am continually learning and excited to go out with my camera, be it for a walk with my niece, on vacation, or on a photography trip.  My Husband, John, and I also enjoy doing Civil War Re-enactments and teaching Civil War Photography.  I also love to make and teach about Cyanotypes.  See more about this at his website: johnmilleker.com

Anyone who would like to contact me:

E-Mail: Chris@creativemonologues.com